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    .PHP pages versus .HTML pages?
    Hi everyone,

    I've been working with a developer and my site is almost done. The thing is that the pages on my site will all end in the .PHP extension.

    This developer assures me that the search engines will not have a problem with indexing a PHP page, but I have my doubts.

    Can anyone provide some advice on this?

    I was thinking of duplicating the pages, having them as static HTML pages that would redirect to the PHP landing page.

    Technically, the site will all just be one page, because once the site loads, all the other links and content will work through AJAX, so there won't be any actual page refreshes.

    Any comments and such will be greatly appreciated.

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    Your developer is absolutely right. PHP, HTML, ASP, SHTML, it doesn't really matter what the extension is.

    Same with Yahoo, MSN and most search engines. There are millions of sites with .php extensions, .asp extensions, etc. Some sites make up their own extensions and they get indexed fine as well.

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    what mobilebadboy said, it would not really matter to the SEs, if you would however rather that your pages show a .htm extention, that can be done by putting one line in your .htaccess file (if you are using apache as your server), and all your .htm files will parse php code.

    RemoveHandler .html .htm
    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .htm .html
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    I once created a site that had hundreds of html pages because I thought the search engines prefered html, it was so hard to manage. Then I ended up changing everything to php which was even more work. So my suggestion is to just go with php

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    with that code above and a slight change, you could have .pdq extensions if you wanted.

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    php shouldn't matter, but watch those query parameters and AJAX javascript stuff. If you have too many parameters SE's have trouble. Same goes for AJAX navigation. Make sure you have a sitemap with real HTML links so SE's can get to all your pages.
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    Read this whole thread:
    "Building UNIQUE autoupdating bulletproof datafeed sites that sell"
    posted by Dirk Gardner

    the stuff you're looking for starts around post #44 in that thread...

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    No worries. Llike many users agree here, there is no need to worry.

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