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    I just got a check for over 200.00 from a program that I had no idea I still had links up for. These links are from when I was a newbie and joined every program. These links must have been clicked thru the wayback machine or something

    Either that or I had old pages resurface in google. I am just wondering if anyone else has links they put up years ago that collect revenue. I dont mean traffic I mean good old cash in hand.
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    wish I had that for my programs that I setup in 1998. I have sites up with PR 2-3 but no $$

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    I'd just be happy if the ones up now generated revenue, much less any old ones.

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    I am just wondering if anyone else has links they put up years ago that collect revenue.
    My best performing page has ancient links, but I think that has a lot to do with the PPC I keep aiming at that page

    As for money from free traffic, for the recordbreaker I have had sales from a page I haven't touched in about 4 years, but that's a pretty sporadic event.

    But I'm seeing some consistent non-PPC-driven sales on a section that's over 1 year old right now.

    Either that or I had old pages resurface in google.
    That's likely! G often shows listings for my long-dead (as in 404'd, dead) pages. It's crazy. They ignore pages that are new and have links to them, yet keep on showing stuff that hasn't been on the site for 2 years! wtfwtfwtf...and people wonder why I think G's algo is a combination of dmoz and a crack house...

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    I still have eight bargains listed from 1999. Four of them were from the first month that I had the site. They still generate revenue for me.

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    Guess that just goes to show how variable and ever-changing the market is. Good for you!!

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    The web is timeless nyfalcon, and your post is encouraging to me - maybe my first original site will someday start making money.

    But either way, it's a good reminder that everything we do in affiliate marketing has a rachet affect. Our efforts are not just one-time shots in the dark, but rather they all add up and keep adding up.

    Thanks for posting!

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    I continue to receive affiliate checks that come from pages that I haven't updated since 2001 -- mostly music (SheetMusicPlus) and movie (MovieGoods, MoviesUnlimited) related.

    I received an unexpected check (for $107) this week from Movie Poster Warehouse, and I know I haven't added any links to them since 2002.

    I don't think any of these are "wayback machine" or cached pages, just old pages that I've never updated. I think there are about a quarter of a million such product pages on one of my servers, all together drawing only a few genuine pageviews per week (excluding googlebot/msnbot/etc).

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