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    Thumbs down Gripe: OneNetwork / DigitalRiver
    One Network / Digital River / RegNow (what's with all the names?)

    We have been trialing every network we can find, and started off promoting 2 merchants from OneNetwork. One of these was IBM ViaVoice. When I was checking our stats today I noticed that sales had dried up for this merchant. Delving deeper into their shoddy site, it appears that the merchant no longer exists in their system - and they never told us!

    I found a link to "deactivated merchants", but not only was IBM ViaVoice not listed there either, it had these:

    Program Date Deactivated
    Mark's Test 2026-12-31
    e frontier 2015-12-31
    XoftSpy from ParetoLogic 2015-12-31
    TurboTax 2015-12-31
    Talk it type it - (EXCLUSIVE) 2015-01-31
    PimpFish affiliate programme 2012-12-31
    Real Arcade 2010-01-18
    System Mechanic 4 2009-12-31
    Recipe Toolbar 2006-12-01
    Weather Studio - Toolbar Download 2006-12-01
    PC Power Scan 2006-05-31

    (dig those dates!)

    It's standard in affiliate marketing for a network to inform you if one of your merchants has been deactivated, but these guys didn't. What's more, nowhere on their site could I find any means of contacting them.

    So, to list the negatives I quickly found:

    1) Confusing network name
    2) Failure to inform of merchants deactivated
    3) Bugs in the system
    4) No obvious means of contacting them

    I think they should spend less time signing up merchants (lots of leading software brands) and sending out fancy emails, and more time on improving their site and service!

    I'll be passing on this network for the time being.
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    reply to: Gripe: OneNetwork / DigitalRiver
    Hi enginz
    I am with oneNetwork. I wish to clarify a few of your questions/concerns and provide additional information if you would like.

    oneNetwork is part of Digital River Inc.
    I understand completely that this can get confusing as I previously worked for eSellerate which is now another Digital River company Digital River is a large company with many different technologies. The oneNetwork affiliate program is one of them (as is RegNow as you mentioned). I can certainly help bring these together for you if you want and simplify ways to pull program information from us.

    I attempted to find your account in our network to provide you with additional information. Unfortunately, I do not have enough info to find it.

    You mentioned that oneNetwork has "lots of leading software brands" and we do. I think that what is needed is a little personalized attention for you which is what my team can do.

    I would be happy to provide you with information on the missing programs, the emails that you should have received notifying you of these changes and other opportunities if you are interested.

    I can be reached at:

    thanks for your comments and I look forward to speaking with you.


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    I can say they DR really knows how throw parties and the reps are really helpful - especially Sean.

    Bottom line in this industry is you scratch my back... and I think DR does this well.

    I heard a rumour once about getting a donkey into a party by putting it in a donkey costume...donkey's are cool. Unless you're an ass...

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