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    I normally don't post my test orders, but this one was unique enough that I thought it merited reporting. has a 3-day cookie on CJ. I clicked through on 1/2, to see what their new promotion was. It was $10 off. I left the item in my cart.

    On 1/3, I got a follow-up email letting me know that I had left the book in my cart and offering me free shipping. My first thought was that the link in the email would override my cookie. (I guess I'm pretty jaded from bad merchant practices.) So I figured I should test it. I clicked through the link in the email and placed the order.

    On 1/4, the sale was on CJ. I'm happy and impressed. didn't override my cookie. Their follow-up email has the potential to greatly increase conversions, and it offers the consumer a good incentive to complete their order.

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    How did they know it was you?
    Did you have to sign in to place the item in your cart? I really like the idea of the follow up. Our items are only reserved for 45 minutes, we have a virtual inventory so we can't keep it for longer. We are always looking for ways to warn customers that an item left in the cart for over 45 minutes goes back into the general inventory and might not be around when they get back.

    We are looking at doing what orbitz's does with the pop up but we would rather not do pop up. I like the concept of sending the email with an incentive.

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