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    Amazon Program Change?
    It appears to me that Amazon has changes its' affiliate program but I'm not exactly sure how. Seems to me that they will only pay commissions on products that are directly clicked on. In other words, they must click on a "Pink Shirt" link and buy that pink shirt, in order to make commission. Is this correct? I simply can't direct people to Amazon and continue to receive commission for WHATEVER they buy, correct?

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    doesn't sound right. however, some superaffiliates running price comparison sites have new restrictions where they can sell from a prescribed list, I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herb ԿԬ
    doesn't sound right. however, some superaffiliates running price comparison sites have new restrictions where they can sell from a prescribed list, I think.
    No, it doesn't have anything to do with price comparison sites.
    It is just coupon sites that have this limit (for now - let's hope they don't do this to all of us).
    Even coupon sites won't get lowered to the low commission if Amazon doesn't send them an email saying that they will be put on a differnet plan just for coupon sites.
    There is a thread on the Amazon Affiliate Forum about.

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    Other than those very few sites in the Deal and Coupon segment, no other site is affected by the changes. The sites can continue to promote Amazon products and receive credit for sales of all products (even those that are not directly advertised) that occur within the cookie lifetime. Regardless of some sentiment I've seen on these boards, Amazon Associates program is extremely important to Amazon and accounts for double-digit contribution to its bottom line (ie Billions). The changes for Deal and Coupon sites are designed to keep the program profitable.

    With that said, I do feel for all of you who have built businesses distributing deals and coupons. You have worked very hard to see the rug pulled from under you. The lesson is that you always need to have a diverse source of revenue and that companies will make business decisions that are in their interest which may negatively affect you. (As another example, Google made a decision which negatively affected their affiliates when they split apart their AdWords and AdSense advertising marketplaces.) So be prepared.

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