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    what are the minimum reqirements for CJ and other major merchants to approve ?
    planning to build a deals website what are the minimum reqirements for CJ and other major merchants to approve ?

    1) does a website domain and a "coming soon " banner will b enough ? because we basically planning to build based on the datafeeds ht cj is going to provide. please advise.

    2) do we just put some kind of web layout and show some feeds from merchants ?

    anything that we should take care before applying for merchants , additional pointers or help would be appreciated, because we don;t want to get it rejected by the merrchants.

    any personal stories , experiences with the merchants also appreciated ?

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    It all depends.

    Some have auto approve. Some have manual approval and some have manual approval but it takes then 1 month to approve somebody.

    Here is the basic rule that most merchants will use.
    * inability to access Web site
    * Web site not yet live
    * traffic levels too low
    * inappropriate material on site

    To answer your question, usually, COMING SOON will not cut it. All the best

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    With whatever type of skeleton site you put together, you should have a well-written (and honest!) Privacy Policy (usually a link at the bottom of the homepage or at least a link from a standard homepage link like 'About Us') as well as a Terms of Use link (depending). As was mentioned above, some will auto-approve. You could always use an attractive homepage prefab template and simply fill in some of the company info, about us, privacy policy -- this might create a better impression than simply a 'coming soon' banner. Just a few thoughts... others may have better suggestions...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dealsdaddy
    because we basically planning to build based on the datafeeds ht cj is going to provide.
    CJ lists the affiliate managers for the programs there, so just contact the ones you're thinking of applying for and explain in more detail what you have planned. It's better than keeping them in the dark about it.

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    If you can post up a legitimate looking shell of a deals site (i.e. all it needs is the deals themselves), most manual approval programs will probably approve you. If not, just send the account manager an email (or much better yet, a phone call) explaining what you plan to do with your site, and you'll most likely be approved. Deals websites are generally a great promotional method for affiliate programs, so account managers like them .

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