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    It seems to me that I have these situations:

    1) Some new vendors convert very well like
    5% or more for the first week and then... they quickly fall off (and it's not because of an 800 number)!

    2) Companies with sales that may or may not convert good but when you get close to breaking the treshold you can forget it.

    3) I've seen this with vendors across 3 networks I do business with and the 4th - never converted anyway (you know who)!

    It's almost like a switch is thrown! Am I the only one seeing this?

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    Hi happypoon

    I can hazard some thoughts on number one.

    a. Seasonal Products, catching the right merchant at the right time. Jewelry for example, 60-75% of all business is at Christmas.

    b. Merchant is changing their links frequently and killing active ones, meaning affiliates end up with dead leads.

    On the others... we could list a 100 different dihonest ways to dupe affiliates but none of them offer solid proof of anything.



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