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    Post Which one should I choose?
    I'd just registered with CJ a few minutes ago . There's so many companies with so many product . Which one should I choose ?

    The product that I'm going to choose should be easy to promote and easy to persuade the customer buying it.

    I don't want to waste my time on product that don't give me any returns for months.

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    Well that is the part of it you have to decide. Promote something you know about and can write about. Don't think you can just slap some links on a page and make money.
    Welcome, by the way

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    wish it was that easy asuka!!! Good Luck

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    You might wish to consider reviewing a group of products that perform a similar function - that way you get unique content for your site, plus you are establishing a theme for it.

    If you can't afford to but the products themselves, review just the site that sells them (easy to navigate?, responses to your help emails, range of products, prices, shipping costs....)
    How anonymous is your proxy?

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    pick a vertical and focus on it.

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    FWIW, finding advertisers that compliment the web site is the key...wouldn't people buy pet food from a pet site?
    I think so, and that's the way more sites should be. less clutter on the net.

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