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    I'm still confuse. Can anyone suggest a niche to promote ? It must be something that people look for everyday , and can easily be promoted at Myspace , MSN groups or Yahoo groups.

    When I surf Myspace , I couldn't consider the right niche to promote. I must look for targeted prospects.

    If you're a successful affiliate , tell me , what product that you promote and how you do it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by asuka
    If you're a successful affiliate , tell me , what product that you promote and how you do it ?

    You will find MANY people here who are willing to help you, but only if you are trying to help yourself. Nobody here will give you anything unless you are making an effort. Asking what we promote and how we do it will only get you ignored.

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    I agree with Uncle Scooter.

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    Find something you are interested in. Create your page around it or your myspace and then find the merchants. It's that easy. Noone can tell you what you like or are interested in so when you find that, you will know what your niche is and what you should push.

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    Well, don't use myspace to promote your affiliate programs, it is against their TOS.
    But otherwise, I agree...find what you like, what niche you are interested in. Promoting something you have no desire to be deeply involved with and talk about will not pay off for you. It rings true when you speak about things you have a passion for.

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    I agree with Uncle Scooter too. We can't tell you what works for us - that would make life too easy! I've had ideas and worked hard on them only to find they haven't worked - but then I've had others which I never expected to work and have done really well. Just try different stuff and you'll hit gold at some point! Good luck.

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    Go here:

    Learn what people are looking for and who is selling it, run the numbers and you will find your areas of interest ...
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