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    Question Hi Everyone - Intermediate Aff. Looking for Advice about Adwords
    Hi All,

    I have been doing this for approx. 6-12 months now and I am finally starting to see some good money come from affiliate marketing. I just have one question regarding Adword campaigns and how other affiliate manage to get their ads to show for certain keywords but google tells me I can't use a specific word for my campaign. Without going into to much detail, I am promoting a product relating to male sexual dysfunction (premature ***)

    I use dynamic keyword insertion but it won't allow me to add the second keyword relating to premature. Google tells me: it's unnaceptable content and to please remove this innapropriate language from my ad. It doesn't make sense as many other affiliates ads show up just fine for the exact same word. Is there a way around this ? Please help.

    Best regards and much success to all.

    Fuzzy Bear

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    I'm not sure how you might fix that, but I'm curious, is the ad accepted by Google in its static form?

    Just wondering if that's why the other advertisers are showing...

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    I would get in touch with Google directly. Seems like the best answer...
    Jason Rosenbaum
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    Agreed about contacting Google. Sometimes the reps will work with you and sometimes they won't depending on the situation, but if you don't try it has a 100% chance of not changing.

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    There is a note that if you feel you are being blocked unfairly they will review your ads on a one on one basis and evaluate.

    Another thing you can do is if you are spending enough with them or plan on growing, you can ask for an account rep who will be assigned to you and help you get it pushed through.

    Other options are to make it a bit more comical or try to get creative and useother words which will get "your Point" (hehehe) across to the consumer.

    My advice is to try and rethink how you can phrase the ad and have it approved bu using alternate words and creative. There are tons of way to describe what you are using, Just find a few that will be approved then work with the keywords that will begin converting well for you.

    Also have you optimizes your PPC yet? That could help alot as well for other reasons and for ranking places in sponsored search.

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    I encountered this problem last year (late 2005) when I tried to run an ad promoting a calendar with the title "Getting In Touch With Your Inner *****" -- that last word always triggered a rejection. I requested an exception multiple times.

    I believe that ONCE I was granted an exception because I made clear that the ad would only be shown when "inner *****" was part of the search phrase used by the consumer. However, I know it was a lot of work, and I don't think I ever sold one of those calendars -- and so I didn't include that product in my campaigns this past year (late 2006). It is possible that after the ad was approved once, it was removed again by somebody else at Google.

    Be persistent and clear, and stick with phrase and exact matches (not broad matches, which might equate "premature" with "early"), and eventually I think you'll get approved. Note that even after you're approved, your ad may get re-rejected by someone else, so you might need to repeat several times. The search phrase really needs to be worth the effort.

    Keep in mind that Google is very permissive about the search phrases which you already realize can be dynamically echoed in the ad (if short enough). Alas, as you're noticed, if you want to echo the search phrase in the headline you are limited to 25 characters, which only allows "end premature ejaculation" but won't echo phrases that include the latter two words with "stop" or "cure" or "problem."

    Study those competitive ads carefully -- there may be some clues there.

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