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    Sunbelt's CEO blogs about the evolution of anti-spyware / anti-malware
    I thought this blog post by the CEO of Sunbelt was very interesting. He discusses why the anti-spyware we're all using seems to be unable to keep up with the rate of infections and techniques. And what his company is doing to change that landscape. I wish other CEO's would post like Alex E, the anti-spyware stuff has gotten sooo complicated that many people can't grasp it all, even low grade researchers and people involved in (and affected by) internet marketing who are the main monetization targets it all aims at. It's an enlightening article, especially when I think about all the buzz things like lavasoft adaware and cwshredder used to get and it seems to me today that many consumers are so in the dark, that most people throw up their hands and aren't sure what to do to defend their own property (their computers). Anyhow, it's refreshing to read, in plain terms, directly from the CEO of a major anti-spyware company, about what is happening to move things forward. The article is certainly self-promoting (for their new product), but is written is a way that provides information and background and isn't a straight up product pitch in my view. A good read for most affiliates.

    "Evolving the antimalware technology model"
    Wednesday, January 03, 2007

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    That's an interesting read. I enjoyed it, it's good to see things with different angles. Thanks Donuts.

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    Neat and they have an affiliate program too. Time to kick Kowabunga to the curb and go with SAS exposure with real creatives and reporting.
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    Very nice article. Follow a couple links and you get the saga of Steve Ballmer, world's 24th wealthiest man, trying for days to rid a PC of malware...
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