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    Amazing Accidental Success!
    I built a website to promote affiliate links for a particular niche, now one of the merchants links with my affiliate ID is ranked number 2 in google when people search for that merchant! Infact it is ranked number 1 but my link is the indented link underneath the number link to another page of the merchants!

    I have no idea how this happened and it's converting really well for me, I'm making quite a bit off this, it's fantastic!

    Thought I'd share my accidental success with you all.

    In the merchants affiliate stats I can see all the referrers are from google and hardly any are from my website as it doesn't get much traffic yet.

    My only worry is that the merchant will say this is cheating somehow and will not pay up, what do you all think? Hopefully they won't say that, but as I see it, it's kind of like having an adwords ad there anyway only I get more clicks cus i'm in the natural serps.

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    If the merchant is accusing of doing something wrong, tell him/her that you better know how to distinguish a hole from a ground and "misl" holes (to put it nicely).

    Unfortunately, there are merchants out there that will accuse you of doing that.

    You did the leg work, you should get the credit and if the merchant does not like it and threatens you, tell him you are redirecting the traffic to their competitor. Plain and simple.

    ohh.. congratz

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    Nice job! Don't sell yourself short, though, by calling it an accident. Did you work to promote that merchant's products? If so, it's not an accident. Fortunate, yes, but not an accident.

    IMO, it's a good thing but it's true that some merchants don't like this. Back in my affiliate days, one site of mine promoted video games. My top merchant for video games, at the time, was EBGames. They had about 6 or 8 websites woldwide and I got the #2 spot on G for "ebgames", or something similar. I didn't target their name but it was on my site and that site was very popular for video games.

    So, the AM sent me an email asking me to "tone it down". I replied the only way I could tone it down would be to remove their name completely from my site and if I had to do that, I would remove their products completely. No reply back from them but they dropped me after that. Needless to say, all that traffic I was getting went to their competitor.

    Don't rest though, keep adding and improving. One algo change and you could lose that spot so diversify.
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    Ah yes, the good ol Google lottery.

    I've had some months where this happens and you can almost hear casino sounds as the money comes in. Then it gets really quiet when Google changes their algo and the top ranking is lost.

    Don't get complacent. See the winnings as a chance to extend your efforts. Diversify and add more content so this will happen more often. Use these type of "accident" earnings to build sites and brands that will survive beyond the Google lottery.

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    Google's done it to me again! :)
    In reply to those above yes I have been putting alot of hard work into my sites with articles and backlinks so I guess it could been seen as pay offs for that work.

    And now I've just noticed that another one of my affiliate links in a different niche has jumped to page one ranked around position 8 and I'm getting a bit of traffic from it. This link is not linking to the merchant domain with my ID like the one I mentioned before it is a link from one of my affiliate networks.

    Don't see why google would put my affiliate links in the rankings instead of my site. Anyway I can't complain either way

    And yes it does feel like winning at the casino!

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    Quote Originally Posted by restless
    Don't see why google would put my affiliate links in the rankings instead of my site. Anyway I can't complain either way
    Yeah, I've noticed aff links (not pages from real sites) appearing in the SERPs. One of mine was, a few months ago.

    If you aren't doing anything shady, I wouldnt worry about it. I just think G is acting a little screwy recently.

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    Aha, so "Google is broken" again, eh?

    Is this merchant an indie, or with a major network, or using a small 3rd party reporting network? Are they 302 redirected links using cookies, or direct links using referrers for tracking?

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