It is my pleasure to announce today that Affiliate Marketing Program has expanded onto the Commission Junction network! We are very pleased that we are now able to offer the same high level of sales, strong EPC, and excellent customer service that members of ShareASale have enjoyed for more than a year, to the expansive network of affiliates on CJ.

By offering our program on two networks, we have once again put our affiliates first. We know that each network has its own strengths and weaknesses and many prefer one over the other. By mirroring our program on both networks, we now allow the affiliate to choose where they are most comfortable.

Both programs offer exactly the same commission rates and features and come with the same commitment and support that has made Affiliate Marketing Program such a success within the ShareASale Network.

With features such as data feeds, RSS feeds, hundreds of coupons, and a dedicated affiliate staff, Affiliate Marketing Program is truly the one to be a part of. And now that we give you, the affiliate, the choice of working where you want to work, there’s no reason to not be a part of our team!

We have spent the last few months tirelessly working on the details to ensure that every transaction is properly tracked and credited to the affiliate from which it came, regardless of which network they are on. We are 100% confident in the system that we have set up and, by working hand-in-hand with the networks themselves, have the technology in place to make this happen.

As always, my digital door is always open. Feel free at any time to email, IM or call me with any questions you may have. In addition, I will also be at the Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas and would love to meet face-to-face with any current or future affiliates.

We know that this expansion will make our excellent program even better and put more money into the pockets of our affiliates!