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    CJ down?
    Not coming up for me...
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    I think they're doing maintenance now. I thought they were down too until I remembered it was Thursday and I looked at the clock.
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    a f c y h is down (one of CJ's servers). Others are working. Not sure what is happening in either case.

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    "Ad Server Domain Outage

    One of our ad serving domains is experiencing a disruption in service. As a result some links are not being displayed on publisher pages. The affected domain is www.a f c y h f .com. This domain is lightly used, and is not used at all by paid search publishers, therefore very few links are affected and current traffic is minimally impacted. At this time, we do not know when this domain will resume service.

    If you have links that are using this domain, we suggest that you replace them with new links from the Get Links area in the CJ Account Managerô. The affected domain has been pulled from our rotating domain list so replacement links will include only active domains. We will post updates to the site to keep you informed as we resolve the situation. Thank you for your patience. "

    Just got this notice from CJ. It's nice they let us know the Domain Outage issue. But how can we go through all the links and replace the ones with www.a f c y h f .com?

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