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    January's Payment (1) -- TOO Early?
    I know it sounds silly to complain of a check coming Too early but ...

    Just noticed that LS has processed a Payment Check on Jan 5th 2007 -- Which is Early. Many Merchants DID Not make the cutoff.

    Is there going to be ANOTHER Check before the 23rd??

    And, WHY did you process checks so early -- which made it difficult for Merchants
    to get their commissions included???

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    I noticed that, too. My check was about 5% of what I expected. There should have been a lot more November payments in there, but now those won't come for another half a month.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I would really like to see LinkShare offer WEEKLY checks, even if that option includes a higher minimum. Half a month is too long to wait if a merchant just misses the ever-changing cutoff.

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    I am sure it has to do with taxes and revenues

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