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    I guess I was a little naive
    I guess I was a little naive when it came to affiliate marketing. I thought the reason you joined up with the CJ/LS/SS places was the tracking and accountability. I thought every sale lead to a commission. (Not saying anything derogatory about any of them)

    I was quite surprised to learn about some of the underhanded things that happen. I knew there was "less than honest" people running about, but I thought theyd never last long. Offline, reputation is everything in sales. Im finding a whole different world online.

    Im trying my hand at some new stuff and decided to go down the affiliate path. I am so glad I found this place before jumping in head first. Its been very enlightening.

    I guess one thing to consider is human nature. If you get your car repaired and the shop/mechanic does a great job, you might tell one person. If they screw your car up youll tell 25 people about it. Same probably applies here. One bad sale and someone comes running to the forum to tell everyone how bad it was.

    Anyway, thank you to everyone here for taking the time to open the eyes of those newbies like me, hungry for information and running around blind. This is actually fun.

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    Welcome to our jungle!

    Just remember that having "safe" concrete everywhere is boring, and that the jungle's also where the cool & exotic species are (it's not all venomous snakes)--and you should be able to keep a decent outlook.
    There is no knowledge that is not power. ~Hemingway

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    Ditto what Leader said.

    The "bad" ones get most of the bad press around here (and it gets around fast). Those are the ones you keep your distance from. You'll hear stuff about the "good" ones too. Spend a few hours browsing through all the forums and educate yourself. It is fun when you find some good ones and they pay off

    Welcome aboard

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    I thought the reason you joined up with the CJ/LS/SS places was the tracking and accountability
    Unfortunately even the best networks can be done over by disshonest merchants, it doesn't matter which network you are on be it Shareasale, LS, CJ, Shareresults, AvantLink or another of the others. You need to make sure your merchant partners are 100% honest. No better place than ABW to learn who is and is not on the level.


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    Hi Schooner, Welcome to Affiliate Marketing and ABW.

    Chris was being modest, when he didn't tell you how honest and helpful his company is. If you see AMWSO is running a program you can count on its honesty and the helpfulness of its staff. It won't guarantee that you make sales, but you can feel secure that it won't be stolen from you.


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    Hello Schooner,

    Ditto with what the others said so far.

    I was quite surprised to learn about some of the underhanded things that happen.
    Even though you might be a little confused by some of the things you've read so far that happens in this industry, don't let that stop you from building your online presense, via your affiliate store, merchant store or what ever it is you want todo online or like to work on. Keep Going!

    You've found the right place and one of the best carreers to be in, ABW! Spend a few weeks 12 hours a day here and by the time you know it, you'll not only start making sales as an affiliate and learn so much about what to do and not to do from other members, in a short time you might even become another one of ABW's ethical Affiliate Managers, OPMs or even a Merchant.

    BTW, welcome to ABW

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    If you think there's any business where nothing underhanded goes on, you're a little naive. If you think that anyone else is going to look after your best interests, you're a little naive.

    Retail stores have problems with shoplifters. Just about any business has problems with employee theft. Software companies have problems with piracy. CPC has problems with click fraud.

    There may be some underhanded things in affiliate marketing, but there's a tremendous amount of potential in it as well.

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