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    Kolimbo spam?
    Hi folks,

    A couple weeks back I signed up for Kolimbo and it seems like every day since I rec'd 2-3 generic emails about how my account is now set up, receiving clicks (which is untrue...), blah blah. Tonight I rec'd an email from a Kolimbo person saying they browsed my site and [quote] "did a search for products that we sell and saw that they are returning relevant results" so I should set up a datafeed blah blah blah. As an aside, I have not yet done a thing w/Kolimbo so...

    All this (ironically) has made me more inclined to head for the hills rather that to get going w/Kolimbo.

    So -- am I overreacting? Any good/bad/ugly Kolimbo experiences as of late?


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    One of my best converting merchants is on Kolimbo, but other than that, I have little experience with them.
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    ...and that merchant would be ?? (heh-heh -- just kidding! )

    It may simply be a matter of overzealous follow up on their part. Ironically - it may effect the opposite of what was intended...

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    I haven't received e-mails such as you describe from Kolimbo. Been with then for 2 years.

    Is it possible that it is the merchant who is spamming you? I have experienced that. Dropped the merchant like a hot potato. merchant yet.........I can't explain it.
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    Hey Witzer --

    Most have this signature:
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    Checking it now - I joined on 12-31-06 and only received "Thank you for joining", "A Special Invitation", and one (very fast) response to a support issue.

    If I remember correctly, I opted out of their newsletter on sign up.

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    i dont like kolimbo, just same offers at other networks with better rates.

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    I used to recieve a lot of spam from the GE Corporation, make sure you setup your preferences on Kolimbo & also I think you need to unsubscibe from each email sender which is a pain.
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