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    any better cpa networks?
    lots of cpa networks out there. are there some better than others. i have my thoughts on the subject but looking to sign in to other networks and want other options.

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    People here have some pretty strong opinions of CPA' a search and you'll see.
    Jason Rosenbaum
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    Hi there ClickChick...

    What types of offers are you seeking?

    If you should be looking for sub-prime financial offers, such as Cash Advance ...Please feel free to contact me. has 100% exclusive Cash Advance sites...not a re-brand of someone else’s sites. We are specialists in the Cash Advance niche.

    If you are not looking for the sub-prime niche to promote, feel free to contact me as well, so that I can suggest other CPA networks that may have what you are seeking.

    I look forward to hearing from you...

    Warm regards,
    [B]Matthew "Chipmunk" Sclier[/B]
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    [B]Phone:[/B] (561) 499-3329 ext.126
    [B]AIM/Y!:[/B] ChipmunkLF l [B]ICQ: [/B] 48437188
    [URL=][/URL]: 100% Exclusive Cash Advance Offers

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    Unfortunately it is not only the networks which vary in the services they are happy to offer but also the affiliate managers. Most of the networks appear to have a cross section of offers, and if you are able to show volume, will be very competitive on price. Also, remember, dont shop around too much. By starting small accounts with a number of different networks means you will never build volume with any networks and thus will never recieve the "super affiliate" rates.

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