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    "Preview in Browser" launching wrong application
    Is there a way to control which application WebMerge launches when you click the "Preview in Browser" button?

    I'm using WebMerge 2.4.1 on OS X.

    The button worked fine for a long time, launching Safari like I wanted. Unfortunately, the other day it started launching Adobe GoLive and I haven't found a way to change it. How can I change it back to launching Safari?


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    does OS X have an association file, much like Windows? something in there must be handing out which app to use for which file extension . . .

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    OS X is a bit schizo about how it honors file extensions, as it also makes use of hidden metadata called "Finder Info" to launch the app it was created with. In this case it's hard to imagine how OS X could be getting confused, since WebMerge-generated pages don't include the GoLive creator code.

    Could I trouble you to email me a zipped copy of that file?
    Richard Gaskin
    Developer of WebMerge: Publish any data feed on any site

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