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    How do i sign up for the CJ datafeeds ?
    iam trying to build a deals website and wanted to sign up for the data feeds i couldn;t find any link to sign up for that ? is it the CJ performer or Bfast that u need to sign up ? basically iam looking for a $200 one-time feed datafeed.

    along those lines will the datafeed contains feeds about special deals, coupons and discounts ? wil it be useful to build a deals website ?

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    You should contact CJ on this (ask a question via the help center). I don't there is such a thing as a one-time feed as prices, inventory, and so forth change frequently (I think CJ does weekly and daily updates depending on the set up -- and usually you are required to do updates). Also, you can only get feeds for merchants you have a relationship with (that's where to start if you haven't gotten approved by whatever merchants you want). Lastly, do know that this requires a fair bit of know-how (which I, incidentally, don't have but I am a skilled outsourcer....). As for whether it is a useful idea, hopefully some of the, um, expressive folks will chime in...but in my opinion there is potential -- though don't miss the fact that wads and wads of folks have simply gobbed up webpages with products -- not a pretty or effective site (pun intended...)

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    Good idea to email them through their help center - with one-time $200 set up fee they will set up (for me weekly??) a combined zipped data feed of all of the 'Product Catalog' merchants that I've been approved for - as I add and am approved by additional merchants CJ adds them to my feed. Regarding coupons and specials - they're not in the data feed - you will need to link to them manually or use CJ's web services link - which I have not figured out --- yet!

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