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    Question Tax Classification
    I've decided to become a CJ Publisher since I found a program I really want to promote, so I went to fill out the application. Well Iím none of the tax classifications listed on the CJ Publishers application since Iím still claimed by my parents, so should I put Other? Anyone else do this?

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    Assuming you're in the US: It's the same tax class for CJ's purposes, whether you're claimed by your parents or not. Assuming you didn't incorporate, you're still an Individual (or CJ may call that Sole Proprietorship now, whatever...).

    It's a different type of tax class that they're after--one which doesn't care who claims you as an exemption. They don't care if you file under single, married, head-of-household, or any other microclassification like that. For CJ, "Individual" is just basically a fancier way to say, "I'm not a corporation."

    Plus, saying "Other" will VERY likely (meaning, "count on it!") throw CJ into a hideous bureaucratic mess from them thinking you're an immigrant or something else totally unrelated to your actual standing. Plus, I think that for them, it's more a matter of whether you're a corp. or not.

    Oh, and if you make any kind of decent money, your parents won't be able to claim you anymore anyway. Good for you when that happens! They'll quit pouting over the loss of that deduction when they realize the mooching level has plunged!

    (Disclaimer: I'm not an accountant, I'm not liable for any statements made in this post, get an accountant if you want an ironclad answer to tax questions, etc. etc. etc.!)
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