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    Google AdSense Calculator
    I have made a calculator to help predict changes in your earnings depending on improvement (or deterioration) of Page Impressions, Click Through Rate and Cost Per Click. You can see it here - AdSense Calculator

    I only just finished it so I'm looking for comments on the wording, ad placement, extra features etc. I'd appreciate hearing any comments you may have.

    Thanks, Dan.

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    The earnings field is just a "guesstimate" right?

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    The earnings is as accurate as the Impressions, CTR and CPC you enter.

    If you're just guessing those 3 then the earnings is a guess but if you enter accurate info the earnings is 100% accurate.

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    No, the calculator is incorrect and inaccurate.

    Whenever any of these elements change, the performance characteristics change also.

    A number of folks (in ABW posts) have noted that if traffic to a site doubles, AdSense revenue does not double, but only increases somewhat. Likewise, if a page is redesigned to increase the CTR from your adsense ads (e.g. removing other links or ads, or shifting the AdSense block higher on the page), revenue generally increases, but not proportionately (in fact, as CTR increases, CPC may increase also).

    You should add a disclaimer explaining these issues.

    Also, I believe that your "default" values (5% CTR and 15-cents-per-click, and even the "example" CPC rates given) are much higher than is typical for most AdSense publishers.

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    It is a nice little tool, but like mark says above increasing impressions and ctr doesn't mean more $$.
    Where this comes in handy is estimating if it is worth going the adsense route or straight affiliate marketing with a site. Mark I would have to disagree on the 15 cents average as a starter though. Many here at abw get 5 cent clicks you would be surprised.

    Dan that is a nice tool and if you are leaving it at that url I would gladly give yu some links to it.
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    I won't be changing the url and if I do, I'll do a 301 redirect. Please do add links to it, I'd be grateful for all of them.

    I'll change the default CTR and CPC a little lower and I'm trying to think of more features to add.

    Thanks for your comments.

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