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    I am looking for ideas and suggestions arround a site idea that a friend of mine has.
    He has an extrodinary gift of being able to ask some questions about someone (or a pet) dear to you who has passed away and then be able to write a poem which captures memories of this person. The unique thing he does is: The beginning letter of each sentence will spell the persons name vertically. He has made me the offer: If I build the site and get it in the search engines, he will split profits with me 50/50. With the greatest case scenario it would not be a great money maker because he would probably be limited to about one per day. Search terms done on Overture for the month of July:
    741 grief poem
    122 poem of grief
    70 poem grief
    57 poem about grief
    54 words of comfort poem grief
    53 poem for grief
    166 remembrance poem
    73 poem of remembrance
    Some of the questions I have:
    What are some of the Cheapest and best way to accept payments?
    What about pricing? Can I hear some suggestions as to a good place to start for a service such as this?
    Should delivery be by email or some kind of fancy frame and paper?
    Any ideas for products that may be appropriate to affiliate sell from this site?
    Any ideas or feedback that may be of help?
    Is a service like this marketable?
    I am hoping this is the appropriate forum. (If not...moderator please move)
    Thanks to all of you.

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    I think the best advice is probably not what you want to hear....
    <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Forget the site. At least forget more than a glorified biz card.
    <LI>Contact funeral director sites, and similar dead people type stuff
    <LI>Ask them to display, reccomend or just 'bear in mind' your company and talk to the survivors over the telephone
    <LI>Or, and this is my favorite: Concentrate on the pets side, far less ghastly...[/list]


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    IMO, the search engines numbers are not impressive support of your idea... if they included the word "custom", now THAT would be telling.

    People search on poetry A LOT... and they expect it to be free. My best guess is that those searches are people looking for poignant words to say at a service -- and a service that's TOMORROW.

    >>Any ideas for products that may be appropriate to affiliate sell from this site?<<

    IMO, never put affiliate links on a site with its own products -- unless you're using the poetry as a loss leader... um, no pun intended.

    >>Is a service like this marketable?<<

    People paid for pet rocks and people pay to have dog poop cleaned up from their own yards -- IMO, marketability is a tough call without some serious bucks to spend on market research... and even then it's often a gamble.

    My gut instinct goes with Nick -- focus on the pet side.

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    But it wouldn't necessarily have to be about grief, would it? I mean, perhaps that could be a sub-category. There's always people looking for 'unique anniversary gifts' or 'birthday gifts', maybe expand the idea to increase it's marketability.

    On the upside, something like this could get into dmoz and zeal easily, which gives you page rank and helps any affiliate sites you might link from it.

    Because it's productivity is dependant upon one person writing poems, that side of the market would be limited, but my thought would be, use that uniqueness to get into dmoz, but add other unique gift or special occaision items to the site.

    There's value in EVERYTHING if you approach it properly, just step back and see how your idea would blend with other opportunities.

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    Damn good point!

    Why didn't I think of that? Yes, broaden the scope to something a litte more marketable, and a bit less dour [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]


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    Maybe you could market this service to online flower and gift shops and gift wrapping sites. They could offer a link to your sentiments suggestion service for the card that is sent with the flowers or gifts.

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    Go to google and do a search on "Custom Poetry." Check out your competition and figure out if you have a better way of doing it.

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    Thank you all for the feedback. This is a perfect example of the value of this board. I had narrowed my focus to only thinking about grief and loss. (Because this is what started my friend Dave writing this type of poetry)Many more avenues exist!
    Also I don't know why I did not think of searching for custom poetry. (sometimes I have blinders on)I found prices ranging from: free, name your own price, to..get this $1200 for a personalized grief poem for a loved one and $500 for a pet!
    This gives me much to think about. Another benefit of this post is the idea that this could help my affiliate sites at a later date by providing a good link in.
    Thanks again to all of you :cool:

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