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    Merchants moving to PFX and setting up new links...
    So Dr. Jay's is moving. I set up the new links last night at 930, they are still not active. They show as active in my account but when clicked, they are dead.

    Footsmart annouced their consolidation to PFX. I sent an email to PFX a week ago asking if my rate will follow me there. I even sent it to Footsmart and one of their VPs responded that he fwd'd it to response...AS USUAL!!!

    Is Performics just a third rate company or do they just dislike me? I am beginning to get a complex here. In 2005, I was one of Footsmart's top 5 affiliates. They are now being removed from the DEDICATED site I have for them and the traffic from that domain will be forwarded to another of my shoe sites because the program seems to have been abandoned. When will merchants realize that Performics' management is non-existent?

    Merchant moving to Performics, that is the kiss of death in my operation.

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    I am bumping this to my account manager to see if they can get it resolved. Kind of important as we are looking at their network for some of our clients.

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    My links to both merchants are working. Might take a little time for the new links to get going. Are they still not working?

    Did you have special rates with Footsmart since you were a top affiliate? I do a little with them and I'm seeing the rates the same at both places.

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    Both of my links are working, too.
    Uncle Scooter said: "or do they just dislike me? I am beginning to get a complex here."
    Awwhhh I'm sure they don't dislike you? If it makes you feel any better things seem to be a little confused with them right now. Definitely not making excuses for them, just trying to make you feel better. I got the email from PartnerCentric telling me so I applied to them at PFX, got approved, then got email that they'd be reaching out. Contacted them and asked about the rate and was told nope from the aff. mgr. Tonight I got another email from the owner to state revised information that rates would remain the same until April 30, 2007. During that time he said they'll be reviewing their program and said this:

    "After applying to the Footsmart program through the Performics Network, please email your ConnectCommerce username in Performics and your Publisher/Company name in Commission Junction to (they gave a link but umm wasn't the correct one so I'm just sending it to the am that corresponded with me that told me nope) so Performics can ensure you receive your correct commission rate." So.....they don't seem to be sure what they're doing about commissions right now.

    Since you were one of their top affiliates......maybe he's still in shock realizing how much they'll have to give ya. I'm just teasing you. I realize it's not a joking matter....just trying to make you feel better. If you still don't hear anything from them, I can give you the name and email of the am that has corresponded with me.

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    Yeah, the Dr. Jay's links finally work. It only took a day to get them active.
    As for FootSmart, they sent an email guaranteeing commission structure through April and will re-evaluate it then. That tells me that they plan on lowering their custom rates. I guess two years isn't enough history to judge.
    Unfortunately, there is no way I can get the datafeed switch done before Summit and I am moving immediately afterward and will be offline for at least a week, maybe more. I doubt I will be able to make the Feb 14th deadline so my other shoe merchants will likely win out on that deal. Maybe I'll get Footsmart on my shoe comparison site that launches in Q3.
    Performics has been in touch with me regarding this thread.
    Chuck, you ROCK!!!

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    I have got the drjays datafeed working midd of December I believe. I am in contact with PFX because of the little conversion rate, but they tell me everything is ok, although in the addressbar when clicking throuhg to the merchant only the product ID appears but not the aff. ID. Usually with that traffic I generate sales at least of about $10,000 but at PFX I only get $ 120 in sales. I will give them a try for 14 days again if nothing changes I go back to with this merchant. At I still have some banners on other sites for I only get 200 visitors but generated sales of $1,200 with this little traffic. Something at PFX must not be correct.


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