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    Can this be done online? My situation is I would get an order emailed to me, then I would need to verify the order myself. So I don't need a shopping cart. I just need to make sure the card is good, and have the amount filter into my account.

    How do I do this? Any recommendations on a cheap solution?

    Thanks, jim

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    Hi Jim

    Yes, Pay Pal can certainly do this but the person on the other end will need to set up a Pay Pal account as far as I remember

    Or you can also use which provide this service as well as E-Invoicing.

    If you're interested in the later let me know and I'll have them contact you, we work with them a lot, back end set up is VERY nice.



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    4,423 does this very well. You just need to link to their backend and they handle everything else. You get an email with every purchase and you can go online and review the orders.


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    637 is just perfect for this type of deal. No monthly fees, and 3.5% on the transactions. Very nice people, & no, I don't work for them. :-) They've just been very nice to me.

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