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    Lightbulb List of merchants with coupons
    I was wondering if anybody had a list of merchants that either:

    has coupon codes
    has coupons with coupon landing page
    updates their coupons

    I am trying to rebuild my coupon sites and get rid of the merchants who do not do the above. (which is 80 percent of them)

    I decided i rather have a small site that are good merchants than millions with offer no or little value.

    We should make a list, anyone else up for this?

    It would be so much easier if there were a central source foir these coupons, that the merchant could go ahead and update these offers

    If any merchants out their would like to update theier coupon codes on my site at, I will get rid of the tracking code and allow you to advertise at my site for free. The I can work on distrubuting these codes for other affiliates, where the affiliate can place their tracking code for the url

    If there are any merchants that would like to participate, please let me know and i will post without any commission.

    In the mean time if there are any affiliate that would like to help build an A list for couponers, please list them here.

    I will post all mine in a day or two

    All merchants must abide by the following:
    Must have coupon codes
    have coupons with coupon landing page

    and also

    updates their coupons on a regular basis

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    Hi Jason,
    I'm sure you'll get a ton of response, but ShareASale does actually have a central repository for our merchants. It's called the deals database, and you can access it here (login necessary)

    Hope that helps!
    ShareASale Client Services
    Y!: SAS_CTang
    e: ctang(at)

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    "We should make a list, anyone else up for this?"

    Make a list of every merchant that has coupon codes? Not realistic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrustNo1
    "We should make a list, anyone else up for this?"

    Make a list of every merchant that has coupon codes? Not realistic.
    HI Trust,

    I think it is realistic (merchantswith affiliate programs) If we had a central database with all affiliate networks of merchants offering coupons and codes. The merchants would update their coupons and codes and we could send a datafeed of all these codes, that would make it easier for all couponers and easy for all end users. The only thing I think would be hard is to convince the merchants to place their coupon codes in a central members only database. That would be a win win for everyone including the merchants, right?

    I wish I had the money for my coupon network. Hint Hint

    The coupon network would work like this, It would only be for merchants looking to distribute coupons.

    The merchant logs in and places their coupon code in a secure database

    Each affiliate would sign up for each specific merchant coupons.

    Lets say Merchant A would enter coupon code "8189bsc89" for 10 percent off.

    The databse would then distribute a different coupon code to each affiliate.

    Each affiliate would be provided a different coupon code based on the orginal

    The sytem would track soley on each coupon code per affiliate, meaning each affiliate would have a different coupon code. This would be the tracking meaning if someone distubuted my coupon code off my site, I would still get commission.

    Come on Haiko dont you think this would work? Does anyone understand this? For 1 it would be hack proof meaning the customer has to manually enter the tracking code and second for the merchants it would be free so they don't have to pay triple the commission. 1 for the affiliate, 2 for the network and 3 for the consumer.

    The only person the merchant would have to pay is the affiliates and the coupon codes would be confidentail

    anyone like this rambling?

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    Hi Jason,

    We update our coupons every fortnight. for more details click here

    Also regarding the special landing page with customized coupons PM or email me HARRY [at] MONDERA DOT COM I can get this done for you.

    Mondera Affiliate Manager
    Winner of the LinkShare 2004 Golden Link Awards "Affiliate's Choice Award"
    Winner of the 2002 "Best Affiliate Program Award"

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