Hey all,

I have been trying to come up with a February promo for the last week or two, and thought maybe offering a few good domain names to the first x number of affiliates that sent a sale in Feb would be pretty good. After all, my goal with the program is to attract the pros that might see the lack of competition in this industry as a really good reason to build for it. A good domain could be the right incentive to get them (you) building...

I mentioned the idea to my wife and she wasn't all that impressed, so I have to ask: is a decent domain still a worthwhile offer? Good ones are getting harder and harder to come by, so I would think a domain is still worth a lot more than the reg fees at the very least.

Anyway, I was looking into the idea to see what was available relating to our products and couldn't help but register a few myself. It was a little shocking to see what was still available - there were so many...

I had to skip over quite a few good ones to avoid going broke on domains I would likely never have time to build, as well as getting in trouble with my wife (see above), but I got a couple that I'm pretty excited about.

I registered GOLDINOREGON.COM for example, which is pretty decent, and passed on GOLDINCALIFORNIA.COM, GOLDINNEVADA.COM and ARIZONAGOLD.NET, all of which would work well for content sites. I passed only because I don't know as much about those states. I also passed on GOLDSLUICE.COM (sluice box sales is our Jan promo offer), GOLDPANNINGSUPPLIES.NET and PROSPECTINGSUPPLIES.NET.

Our biggest sellers though are panning kits, and I did pick up PANNINGKITS.COM and GOLDPANNINGKIT.COM in mind of the potential promo offer. They seem like domains that affiliates could do something productive with if offered. I know I'm a little nuts (generally speaking), but if our top seller is a gold panning kit, I would hope GOLDPANNINGKIT.COM would be a great promo offer to the right affiliate.

Sorry to ramble. I'm just both surprised at what's available, and wondering if my promo idea would work. Would any of you pros bother to compete for a .com that exactly matched a top seller, even if it was an industry you were totally new to?

I think I might compete for one I thought I could do something with, but a new industry...?