According to recent article in ESPN, legit MVP candidates are already narrowed down to 3 players. Can you guess? They are Nash, Dirk, and Kobe. I'm more leaning towards Nash and Dirk eventhough I'm a huge Kobe fan. Nash, who has chance to become MVP for the three consecutive years, truely has big chance now that Amare is playing like Amare before the surgery. Suns are bound to collect more w's and chance to win the championship. Dirk, has improved his game to perfection every season. This season is no difference. If MVP award to be given today, Dirk deserves it more than anyone. Finally, you can never discredit Kobe until the season is over. Despite the absence of Lamar and Kwame, he's finding new ways to improve his team. There is a confusion in defining the meaning of Most Valuable Player. If MVP defines to be Most Dominating Player, "yes", Kobe crowns that titles for at least last 3 years. MVP is a player who helps team to result in excellence (w's). Who knows, if Kobe drops another 80 pts, this talk will drive different opinons.