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    tracking users for incentives
    I need to learn how to track purchases or users for an incentive program. My plan is to use the following publishers:
    Amazon (all of their countries, if possible)
    Various programs from CJ

    I would like to know how I can track purchases/leads/etc. so that I can correctly debit my users accounts. I know it can be done for these publishers, because it is currently done by:
    [URL Removed]

    (as well as various others)

    Any info is appreciated (I do know how to program in PHP as well as use web services, but I have never done any affiliate tracking or incentive based affiliate marketing, so I need some direction)
    Last edited by Haiko de Poel, Jr.; January 21st, 2007 at 10:13 AM. Reason: What part of don't post affiliate URLs don't you understand?

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    To Haiko de Poel, Jr.,
    Regarding the "edit" to my message:
    Last edited by Haiko de Poel, Jr. : Today at 10:13 AM.
    Reason: What part of don't post affiliate URLs don't you understand?
    First of all, the website I gave was a DOMAIN, with absolutely NO affiliate link added. I was giving it as an EXAMPLE. I wouldn't mind as much if you had tried to kindly point out that I cannot post affiliate links, but your condescending tone, added to the fact that you were COMPLETELY wrong, makes you look like quite a jerk. What part of "The air miles shops URL is NOT an affiliate link" don't you understand?
    I'd add the URL again, but you'd probably remove it. For those reading this, the URL was the air miles shops url (the .ca one, google it).
    Next time, don't be so condescending, it makes you look quite pretty silly when you're wrong.

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    Don't you think you SHOULD read the rules of this board, first.
    To tell the owner of this board he is condescending is rude, especially if you're wrong.
    Before you post again, read the warning in RED:
    Do NOT post Affiliate URLs or Links - It is a violation of our policies!
    Board Moderation
    Board moderators' decisions (including, but not limited to: editing, moving, deleting of single posts or entire threads) are final. You will accept this. Also, you will not re-edit a message that has already been edited by a moderator or the administrator out of defiance of the original edit. Starting discussing such a decision on the board, will get you either a ban-warning or banned ...

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    I have sent a message to the moderators, as it states in the Forum Rules...
    but to clarify...its not like I didnt read that text in bold, I DID NOT POST AN AFFILIATE LINK...
    I just wanted to give people an example of a site that does what I want to (learn how to) do...

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    Here's your answer
    May I please refer you to this <non-affiliate link>:

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