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    Clippers Nation?
    Clippers just won against Memphis 112 to 91. Good things happen to Clippers if leading players are EB for score, Kaman for rebound, and Cassell for assist. Despite these slightly older and mature version of Chicago, something is lacking. Would they make it to playoff this year? #1 complain about this team is that, simply EB is not getting enough balls. It's like the same complaint that Lakers faced when Shaq was in his prime. EB has been a single solid offensive force to Clippers ever since he moved from Chicago. He's in fact, top 3 PF in the league. I know there are bigger names out there, but you know KG and TD have declined their games. "Give him the rock!". Sam Cassell is a player that holds the key to Clippers' success. This guy knows how to win. Livingston is still too young to make up his gap. Sam has done it for Houstons, Minnisota, and now for the Clippers. His desire, intensity, and competativeness are not much further behind MJ, Magic, and Kobe. He wants to win and he wants to take over. For all Clippers fan out there, it's not too late to cheer for this team.

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    Its a tough race for the 8th spot in the playoffs. Clippers is in for a tight race. A good and healthy lineup would certainly favor their stance.

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    They don't have the fire and cohesiveness they had last year. Shaun Livingston is out until the season after next (3 torn ligaments and dislocated patella) and pick-up Jason Hart is Cassell's back-up now. Tim Thomas was the one addition this season after his good play-off performance last year, but he has reverted to the journeyman player he has been for 9 years. Maggette and Dunleavey still don't get along and Brand can't do it alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronaldmarva
    Its a tough race for the 8th spot in the playoffs.
    It sure has been the last few years. I'm just glad my Jazz have a solid lead in the standings to assure them a spot in the playoffs.


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    I am really pulling for the Clippers. I really enjoyed their playoff run last year and hope to see them give it a good run this year as well.

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    The injury news for Livingstone and Cassell will certainly heart the chances of Clippers. Elton Brand has to step up along with Kaman!

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