If you have any sites hosted at digidotz, check them now! Mine was hacked today.

I have a variety of web sites on different ISPs, including two separate single-domain accounts at digidotz.com -- one of which drives a significant amount of traffic and sales.

Last week, my site stopped responding, and I discovered that although digidotz boasts about its facility in Chicago, the company is actually in Denmark. After several hours, access was restored.

Today, all the content pages on my site came up 404, and the index page was replaced by a "hacked" message, noting that the hacker was targetting "adult" web sites (which mine was not, but digidotz does host adult sites).

I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised -- digidotz issues account login names and passwords that are painfully obvious, and I can't find any way to change the password for the account. I have managed to get access through cpanel, to remove the "hacked" page and replace the index page, but the server is not responding to ftp requests.