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    I just came across an interesting article from Money Magazine on some of the things that make millionaires different ... food for thought!

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    Thanks for posting that link, Buckworks.

    Very interesting that the mindset and attitude of successful people is one of optimism and an "I can do this" attitude.

    It's difficult to maintain that optimism at times, especially when you publish a new page that you just know is going to sell...then it just sits there looking pretty.

    Or, it gets lots of traffic and clicks, but no one buys anything. That's when I find it challenging to just say "OK, I'll redo it. Obviously something's wrong!" At that point, I've lost a lot of my original enthusiasm for the idea.

    Guess I need to focus on being more optimistic about things that don't turn out exactly as planned.

    Thanks again,
    Andy [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    >At that point, I've lost a lot of my original enthusiasm for the idea.

    But then there are those I Sold a WHAT??? days..


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    Bad logic in that article - they started with millionaires and worked backwards.

    So millionaires see the glass as half full, and an opportunity and movie forward - they don't mention out of a random sampling of a thousand people, there may have been 999 who saw things that way (especially depending on how a survey was worded), moved forward and failed.

    As for the 3 percent of the Yale class of 1953 who wrote down life goals who ended up controlling 90% (or whatever, I forget) of the wealth of the class of '53 - why 1953? Why one year? Is that the only year it worked?

    Bill Gates was what, the Harvard class of 1980, somewhere around there? Did he write a life plan? or can you just as easily end up saying "Change your name to Bill, because everybody named Bill from the Harvard class of 1980 ended up controlling 99.999% of the Harvard class of 1980's wealth".

    Yes, I know, he dropped out of Harvard - I'm talking about the class he would have been - but if you don't like that, you can also say "Drop out of school - the dropouts from the Harvard class of 1980 ended up controlling 99% of the wealth of all the Harvard graduates combined".

    Bad logic to that article.

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