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    selling one of your sites
    has anyone ever offered to buy one of your sites?

    have experience selling affiliate sites?

    what are the things to look out for?

    when do you disclose exact numbers on uniques and revenue to a buyer?

    appreciate the help!

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    I answered this question a few months ago:

    When I sold my site, I simply made all the data public, right on my web site: pageviews, visitors, advertising revenue, affiliate revenue, etc. -- in the end, no serious buyer is going to spend ANY time negotiating until you've shown these numbers, and most serious buyers will also refuse to sign a non-disclosure agreement just to see basic numbers. Of course, if you believe that your data is a valuable secret, then you're going to have trouble finding a serious buyer.

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    Thanks markwelch. My AM website have grown much and I was looking to sell a few, your tips will help

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    Site sold for $2500
    A colleague of mine was approached last week by a major technical book publisher, who offered $2500 for his domain (along with an offer for a bunch of free technical books). He received the money earlier this week.

    In his case, I think it was just a matter of having a domain name that fit what the publisher was looking for.

    We joke a lot about how buying domains is like playing the game of Monopoly - he who has the most real estate almost always wins the game.

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