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    The Learning Curve
    I've had some learning curves in my time. 18 years ago I started teaching myself how to use a computer (An NEC PowerMate with a HUGE 20MB drive and I think it was 8mb of memory!) Five years ago, in a effort to keep more client money in my business, I bought my own DVCam camera to shoot the corporate videos I was producing and started to learn how to use that. A year later I installed my own editing software so I could edit some of those corporate videos for my clients. Iíve just delivered one DVD that's 90 minutes long and another that is 40 minutes long to one client and they're pretty happy so I guess the learning curve has paid off.

    Now, three months ago to be precise, I took on Internet Marketing thinking, initially, it would be a breeze. 90 days later I beg forgiveness for the forests I have denuded by printing out so many reports from so many gurus out there. What a learning curve this task is! Absolutely huge.

    Great fun to learn so much new stuff but so easy to suffer information overload.

    Interestingly, from a communications perspective I see a lot of mistakes even from the gurus (probably mainly from the gurus), which I plan to put into a special report. I donít just mean spelling mistakes (like that one) and typos, of which there are a lot.

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    Hi Kennedy,

    I too am new to this whole affiliate marketing phenomenon. I have a website that sells vitamins and health supplements. I'm trying to get the word out and recruit new affiliates. I just started with affiliate marketing about 1 month ago. It seems like I'm sailing on a fog covered ocean with no bearing that can lead to safe ports of call. I guess if we keep at it we'll all be laughing about the time we were newbies.

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    Keep hanging in will all come together eventually.

    That's why we created our Education Section at JRami. Having been there we know how much help both affiliates and merchants need in the beginning. Take a look. We hope you find it helpful.

    To your success....

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    I used to work with my church in 98 on their online efforts and was on and off working with e-commerce and the online business. I used to think I knew something about Online Marketing. However after investing 10 months straight, 5 hours a day, 6 days a week to affiliate marketing and internet marketing, I consider myself an internet preschooler.

    There's a running phrase we use with new people coming on board, clients and even amongst ourselves at ARC Consulting.."Theres a Curve"...a very big CURVE...

    There's allot to learn and due to the fast changing enviroment you never stop learning. Let me know if you have any questions that I might be able to help you with. Email me or IM me.


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    Hi Kennedy et. al.,

    I've only recently found out about affiliate marketing, too. Since I build websites that focus on writing, I've had the major bookseller affiliate links up forever as a convenience for visitors who want to do an impulse buy from an author or technique they've just learned about. But I now want to do everything bigger and better!

    I, too, have slammed slap up against the learning curve. I found a new magazine for affiliates that I bought because I was in the bookstore and thought the cover was interesting. (trying SO HARD to follow rules by not mentioning names of stores, magazines, etc. Never realized how often I refer to things by their company names.) Anyway...

    End of monologue (I know, you're saying, finally!)
    BUT now a question--
    I read of many of you starting a month or so ago and you have your sites up and running. How did you get them up so fast? I'm still struggling with content content choices and color choices and the best layout for my navigation scheme and it's been over a year of changing and fixing and adding to....

    How did you get up and running so fast? And is your site in its final form?


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    Hi Connie...welcome.

    A web site is never done... but that's no reason it can't be out earning it's keep. In fact once you have some traffic... is when you can really learn what works. Watch your traffic as it applies to your pages and you will know what to change...and what not to change.

    But having said does take a while to get your site ready for going "live." You should have at least 20 pages with the goal of creating more pages all the time. The SEs love to see new pages coming... say once a week. That will keep them coming back. Also if you build your navigation with includes or templates and CSS you can always change them later.

    Jump in the pool...the water's fine.

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