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    Using more than one program/network at a time?

    I hope this is the best place to post this. I have used both networks and stand-alone progams as an affiliate and as a program manager.

    I have a client who wants to do an in-house hosted affiliate program. I was wondering is there a way to also use an outside network to help build up affiliates faster? Are there issues with the tracking of 2 codes? Is there software to handle this? Is there a stand-alone program out there that already does this? Am I missing something in this concept.



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    Depending upon the network, they may have issues about you "pulling" affiliates out of your account and working with them directly. Is there a reason they want to go in-house? There are a few solutions out there which give you a turnkey product with access to network affiliates all at a reasonable price. Shareasale is getting a lot of good press here and they're cheaper than the big guys. Spend some money in the beginning and do it the right way, your client may not agree in the beginning but they'll thank you after they see the ROI.

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