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    OK, I've done a couple of serious posts and now I've read up on a bunch of the new ones. Time for a break and a laugh.

    Imagine if we affiliates pooled our resources and created our own tracking system and sales system and... we banded together to force all merchants to partner with us. We would never again have to worry about:

    1) Threads like tracking your test purchases.
    2) Comments like - your tracking stinks
    3) Comments like - your reporting stinks
    4) Comments like - your customer support stinks
    5) Your lack of participation stinks
    6) Your partnership with gator stinks
    7) Fill in some more wont you [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    Now imagine the kind of system we would create...

    1) It would 100% reliably track sales and commisions
    2) It would offer the best features from all of our current providers.
    3) It would have a built in configuration system where we would notify affiliates when sales were made in real time. The affiliate could setup special paramaters to allow for things like (all commisions over $30 would play the "cha ching sound" - LOL. Commissions between 10 and $20
    would go play the "ker thunk" sound and we could even say don't bother telling me about commisions under $10.
    4) When you log in, it would play a sound file telling you how much sales you have - ahh no need for reports but every other week or so [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img].
    5) Any merchant who didn't perform to our strict specifications would get the boot quick.
    6) Any merchant who reversed sales would have to provide specific documentation to support it.
    7) We would always combine sales and give affiliates monies affiliates were due at the time a merchant paid their bill.
    8) We would only allow 1-800 numbers on pages where merchants actually had the customer support ask for and verify an affiliate ID.
    9) We would have information in our tracking and order processing system to detect altered tracking from parasites which we would correct.

    What else guys and girls?

    Oh by the way..... I do have some programming skills too [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]. Who's ready to Tee it up?


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    And it would be run by someone other than me - and I would trust it no more if not less then the current choices.


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    Happypoon, you might just be describing the future there.


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    That was the VISION behind Linksahre -CJ and BeFree 5 years ago. Look what their dedicated staff has turned it into with the help of hundreds of crooks posing as merchants who raped our traffic for no fees. My last count on the dead pool of merchants at the 5 networks is well over 1400. Now a days almost all reporting problems stem from merchants playing games with the reporting tags or skimming the batch reports.

    WebMaster Mike

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    Hm. Its the undefined 'we' bit thats the problem. And the aggregated payments. Always turns into a high tech re-run of Animal Farm. Whichever version..

    Just continuing to pool our test purchase results is going to have a huge effect on the industry though. Combine that with in house ABW merchants and I can live without aggregated checks and 3rd parties.


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