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    Has anyone here had any experience with They are listed as a merchant at (where I've joined their program). They say they have an affiliate datafeed, but I can't find it (not at SAS or their web site).

    Edited: Exactly at the moment that I submitted this post, I received a return phone call from -- apparently the company was sold to a new owner a few months ago and the new owner is trying to identify what needs to be done (such as making the datafeed available). He sounds genuinely concerned about the issues I raised (including a phone number in the header, and the lack of a "Privacy" link).

    He noted that my earlier emails sent through the ShareASale interface had been filtered as spam. (A few months ago, another merchant's "low funds" notice was filtered as spam, but luckily I knew he was a new merchant so I sent him a private email, which he greatly appreciated.) I'm not sure what SAS can do to educate its merchants more effectively about changing their spam filters to insure that SAS emails get through.
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    Interesting that you would post this today. My wife is a teacher, and wants to do a website... And she had me looking into it today...
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    The status of HomeroomTeacher ( now displays as "Closed." ShareASale's system shows the last compliance test as happening TODAY, and the last sale tracked two days ago. (All this week, my links to HomeroomTeacher were redirecting to my default page.)

    It says a lot about the merchant that when I called to ask about this situation this morning, he claimed to be unaware of any issue, and he did not seem concerned. In recent months, I've seen zero-dollar transactions posted, and only after I emailed the merchant did he manually adjust the transactions to assign a dollar amount. Although this shows that the merchant has received my emails, he has never (ever) replied by email (nor has he called me since the 2007 call mentioned above; I called and spoke with him earlier this year to share some suggestions regarding his merchant site).

    I had recently purged all HomeroomTeacher links except for a few products which I couldn't find available from any other source; now I'll purge the remaining links as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
    Interesting that you would post this today. My wife is a teacher, and wants to do a website... And she had me looking into it today...
    Ditto that. My wife and daughter, both, are teachers - until June 17th. Daughter, Jill, is today (right now) at our printing plant south of Chicago, where she is also attending ShareASale's ThinkTank. She will be full-time in the checks business on June 20. Mrs. Beachy, will be working for us on a P/T basis - loves dogs, cats and other animals - and will be boosting our content in those areas. (Doesn't realize it yet but she will be augmenting our SEO.)

    GOODBYE teaching. So, no more Homerooms for this family.
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