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    Yahoo To Debut Improved Search Ad Ranking Model Next Month
    What's new? Ad quality -- how effectively the ad elicits consumer interest -- will be considered when determining where ads are placed on search results pages, in addition to search keyword bid price. In terms of ad placement, higher is generally better. Yahoo hopes this will make its ads more relevant to users, resulting in higher ad revenue for the company.

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    Info from Yahoo Workshop
    I attended a "New Sponsored Search Workshop" given by Yahoo last week. They managed to squeeze 20 minutes of worthwhile information into a four hour presentation, but the most important element they discussed was that by optimizing your add, you end up paying MORE per click.

    They gave this example:

    Current System:

    Rank Advertiser Bid Actual Cost per Click
    1 A $1.00 .76
    2 B .75 .61
    3 C .60 .26
    4 D .25 .10 (assuming no bids under 25
    - Bid 4 pays minimum)

    Bid C "Optimizes" his add and doubles his performance. He moves up to number 1, and though he pays less than the old number 1 did and less than his maximum bid amount, he is now paying DOUBLE per click what he paid before "improving" his ad:

    Rank Advertiser Bid Actual Cost per Click
    1 C $ .60 now pays .51
    2 A 1.00 .61
    3 B .75 .26
    4 D .25 .10

    He has also reduced A's cpc from 76 to 61, though A has dropped to number 2.

    One more note of importance: When you change over to the new system, they say that all of your keywords will be moved. They do not make it clear that "All of your keywords" means only keywords that have received at least one impression in the past 13 months or one click in the past 17 months. If you have non-performing keywords, or offline keywords that have not had impressions or clicks in this time period, when you change over these keywords will be removed from your account.


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