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Thread: First Forzieri sale - but where from?

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    First Forzieri sale - but where from?
    Just had my first sale come through for Forzieri, but I've only had a few links up and it could only have been through clicking on one of two pages on two different (long neglected) sites.

    I'd love to know which one, so when the seasonal "update rotation" gets done I'll know what direction to expand on for the site now that I've got a clue.

    Would Patrick know which page a sale came in from in the LS system, or is it obscured for the AMs also?

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    January 18th, 2005
    Great News Web Worker!!

    Yes Patrick should be able to see from the trackig system where the sale came from. I'll make sure he passes this way today


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    Fantastic news on your first sale...... congrats

    Conversion has really rocketed over the last six months so this could well be the first of many.

    I've been digging around in all the Linkshare reports but haven't come up with the referring page yet.

    I've contacted Forzieri, they should have a record of it in their web analytics.

    Will let you know shortly.


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