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    From: Catalog City
    Subject: Catalog City Updates
    Date: 09/16/2002


    I have been in contact with CJ regarding the technical issues with our account - I just got word from my contact that their developers have found a fix and it will be in place this week. I don''t have an ETA on this, but will definitely let you know once it gets updated. Thank you for your patience.

    Beth Kroenke

    And, this means they are going to do what?

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    Lol, I sent them a quick email asking them what specific fix this is in reference too, but I did not receive a reply. Sheeeesh, between eBay and CC, I am having no luck getting replies to my e-mails. The only time I seem to get answers are when I write emails that are, well......harsh. That gets so old.

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    Maybe it's a fix for their constantly and frequently changing product links.

    Catalog City is really just too much trouble for the commission they pay, unless they can fix their product links so they're static, then you can put them up and leave them alone (for a change!)

    In most cases, you can sign up directly with the various merchants CC promotes, and get a higher commission as well! Catalog City is just a middle man.


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    I downloaded their datafeed the other day and used CSVdb to check it out - they had 280,000 duplicate products in the feed. And we wonder why we can't find any good products when using the tools at cj - ya think it has something to do with merchants like this that don't know how to remove the dups? This is out of 2,909,817 products they supposedly have. Which most of us know - aren't in stock or don't direct to the page they claim.

    CJ - why do you continue to allow such abuses?????

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