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    LinkShare Releases New Enhancements - 1/26
    Dear LinkShare Affiliate:

    With our continued focus on innovation, LinkShare(TM) Corporation is pleased to announce the release of new enhancements effective Thursday, January 25. Below is a brief description of the changes you will see in the Affiliate Interface.

    Interface Alerts
    To keep you updated on the latest news, enhancements, and system alerts, LinkShare has added a new section to the Home page of the Affiliate Interface in the upper left corner. This new section will enable you to quickly see information important to your program. Alerts will be posted by level of importance with red being the most urgent message and yellow being the lowest level.

    Affiliate Private Offer Management
    To make it easier to display all private offers that are extended to you, LinkShare has added a new Private Offer page to the Your Account tab in the Affiliate Interface. You will now see private offers from Merchants whose programs you are a part of, as well as from additional Merchants who wish to extend to you a private offer. You will have the ability to accept or reject these private offers.

    Merchant Status Screen Update
    In the past, when a Merchant's status changed in the LinkShare system, Affiliates partnered with that Merchant received an email to that effect, but the email did not include any reason for the change. Now, if a Merchant's status changes, Affiliates partnered with that Merchant will receive an email from LinkShare notifying the Affiliate of the change and the reason for the change. LinkShare will continue to update the Merchant Status Update page under the Your Account tab with the Merchant changes in the Affiliate Interface.

    We hope you enjoy the benefits of these enhancements. As always, we appreciate your business and thank you for the opportunity to be your innovation partner. If you have any questions about these enhancements, please do not respond to this email. Instead, please go to and submit your question. Thank you.

    Best regards,

    The LinkShare Team

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    Sounds good.

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    I was hoping to see something related Support Services listed as one of their enhancements somewhere.

    But these are positive changes and we must take what we can get.
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    Seems that competition in a free marketplace always has it's impact. Good to see them taking steps forward. Hope they keep going.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 7-days
    I was hoping to see something related Support Services listed as one of their enhancements somewhere.

    But these are positive changes and we must take what we can get.
    Indeed, that would really be nice.
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    However, nothing updated with their reporting, which is what I use most...
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    I like the new changes, it's an update where I can look at them all and say "Yes these all make sense and are good to have!" Good Stuff ! I like the My Story section too, nice touch.

    One small change request , it would be handy if the "New Merchants" list had links direct to each new merchants program overview page. It's done on the Join Page, so not sure why it's not on the main page?


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    Only one small complaint - the giant splash of yellow the first time really jumped my heart into paying attention - maybe a bit of too bright and dramatic

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    They could do with better integration, they just seemed to have thrown up a couple of links which are in strange fonts and colors. From what I see they don't have a qualified graphic designer in house. Well it's good to see them making changes at least.
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