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    LinxSatellite - 1 sale, zero commission
    Hi guys,

    I'm new here, but 5 days ago I've made a first sale and made my first $41.94

    2 days ago I've placed LinxSatellite banner and today I see a sale, but ZERO in commissions. How can it be?

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    You didn't read their terms, did you? (bolding added)
    8. Affiliate agrees that because all activation’s are subject to being “charged back” by the satellite provider, The Parties agree all Sales will be deemed earned only when the sale is determined to be activated with qualifying programming, and in the proper manner, according to Company agreements with the satellite providers and customers and furthermore when the sales is no longer at risk of a charge back by the satellite providers. Company may pay unearned commissions but Affiliate agrees to reimburse Company for any “charged back” activation’s for any account that is charged back prior to the fulfillment of the consumer’s annual commitments. Affiliate acknowledges that sales made to consumers must maintain specific requirements with Satellite providers, including maintaining uninterrupted services for up to 2 years depending on the package or promotions sold to the customer/consumer. Affiliate agrees that if for any reason a sale is charged back to Company by the Satellite providers, Company will deduct all the previously paid commissions from Affiliates next paycheck, Company only needs to provide proof of any charge-back in any amount from the Satellite providers to warrant a full charge back to Affiliate. Company can deduct any “charged back” activation’s from commissions owed to Affiliate. Affiliate agrees to sell satellite systems for the price advertised by the Satellite Providers or instructed by Company. To protect Company against any paid but unearned activation’s or from any other damage Company may suffer under this Agreement, The Parties agree that Company may retain all commissions owed to Affiliate or that are tentatively due to Affiliate for up to 365 days if deemed necessary by Company. Upon termination of this agreement Company may also withhold all payment for up to 180 days. Company may also withhold (for up to 365 days) 5- 15% of the commissions currently due if Affiliates high-risk activations exceed company guidelines.

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