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    4,597 violates terms of service? or privacy laws?
    Well I'm quite pissed off, I didnt give permission to feature my youtube videos, and pretty much doesnt it violate privacy laws? what are your thoughts on this? see for an example, oh by the way

    I am not getting paid for this, and I didnt give permission for them to use my videos and last but not least they are hosted by currently. Is there anything I can do in getting them to remove my content? I already emailed dotster on this, and I would email but I cant seem to find a email address, unless I'm a stinking member. By the way this is misleading, people at will think i'm or youtube members are getting paid which I'm/there not, and not involved at all with

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    Looks like they're scraping YouTube for additional content and search engine traffic. Not sure if YouTube allows this, but it seems like you've got your videos locked at least so they don't play on this site. I think your best recourse is to contact YouTube and if this site is breaking their terms they'll get a C&D. You can also file a DMCA complaint against this company to have your videos removed. You'll have to do it via snail mail though because they apparently don't offer a phone number.

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    Thanks Scott, I'll try those ideas.

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    Click to not allow others to share your videos. Because you did give them rights to use them based on youtube's agreement.

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