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    What is the deal with these "Exclusive coupons" you guys keep talking about? Does anyone actually own the coupon? lol. I have no idea what you guys are talking about but it seems like if anyone would get mad it would be the merchant that the coupon goes to.
    Exclusive generally means co-branded in the name of the affiliate's site. Many affiliates request this and feel that it gives more creditability to the code. There are few ways to keep the codes from being scrapped but new technologies are emerging. The best way is to have it auto added to the cart via an affiliate link and make the link private only to a specific affiliate.

    When we see that an affiliate has scrapped or get it reported we give the commissions to the appropriate affiliate. If the scrapper continues we boot them from the program (so they can't get commissions) and report to the network.

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    Chuck, I really like that idea of having the code auto added to the cart. I know that the technology easily exist and this is definitely something worth looking into. Our main issue is that we only offer one promotion at a time. We do not do exclusive offer and doing exclusive codes could be a huge undertaking from an administrative stand point. But to offer the auto add, would definitely allow the merchants to track scrappers.

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    I enjoy removing or declining WhaleShark Media/Retailmenot from my programs. It makes me smile.

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    For SPNelson: It does exist.

    When i first started in clickinks, coupon coding was a nightmare. i had to submit terms wait a week then maybe it would work. We've changed our back office so now its all instant. I can code coupons same day. I can provide exclusive links (CJ grouping is useful for this {SAS DOES IT TOO!}) to Affiliates where the coupon embeds into the basket (plus have the option for a cobranded page). This is up to who develops your website administrator system.

    I am not sure, but there must be some admin systems out there that make this easy for merchants for sale (someone back me up on this).
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