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    As our affiliate commissions rely on cookies being enabled on the host PC, do any of you check if your visitors cookies are enabled?

    Do any of you restrict or prevent access to your site if cookies are off?

    How do you go about asking your visitors to enable cookies without sending them scurrying off muttering obscenities?


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    When I first started here and was learning the importance of return days - LOL (I figured that was the time a user could return a product) [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img].

    I too wondered about disabling access for no cookies and swore every time I saw an IE 6 browser come in that cookies were disabled and I was getting ripped off again. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif[/img]

    I put on a script for 2 or 3 days that gave a popunder to users with cookies turned off and told them I worked for commissions via cookies and would appreciate the opportunity to earn their trust and to consider adding my site in their trusted list.

    As best as I can remember I had maybe 1 or 2% with cookies turned off amd figured it wasn't worth even doing the extra checking for the 98% with cookies enabled so I yanked it.

    I was very surprised to see the low percentage though and quit cussing every time I saw an IE6 user LOL. I haven't run it in a while and my traffic and sales have grown considerably.

    If you do something like this, I would not stop a user from access! All programs do not work with cookies so you would be potentially blocking a customer you may could still get a sale from.

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    Stay consumer friendly and hope the cookieless ones buy on the first visit. Hell 80% of all BeFree merchants and many LS merchants have ZERO cookie days to begin with.

    WebMaster Mike

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