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    Unhappy web services or data feed? - best way?
    I'm developing an application which needs an extensive product database (many product categories) in our content collection process. We plan on enhancing the product relation metadata to allow for better searches, associations, etc. My question is whether to populate our local Db by making web service calls or requesting a data feed of all the advertisers and importing (product descriptions, links to images, affiliate links, etc.). Expert thoughts would be much appreciated...

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    I chose to import...
    The service call is just too slow, and does not allow to create some of those relationships on the fly like you want. For example, I created Keyword Clouds... not possible with the API. I can load thousands of products a second... not possible with an API. Download the feeds at night... load them and create relationships on downtime of the website, during the heavy hours only have to worry about your traffic, not yours and all of your API calls.

    My 2 cents.

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    If you want to produce better search results and associations, it is infinitiely easier to do with a data feed.
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    Data feed - it is!

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