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    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Couldn't think of anywhere appropriate.

    When you make a post you have the option of being e-mailed when anyone replies (and cancel nitifications at any time from that e-mail).

    Often I forget to check the checkbox requesting e-mail notification. Is there a way to select any message and request post notification for that thread without posting in that thread (I seem to remember that after posting to any thread we can now get notification).

    Or, better still can we change our profile to check this notification box be default. I am going to check profile again but I did not see anywhere to do this.

    Andy Williams

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    Yes you can subscribe to any post, thread or forum.

    If it is a post check off the appropriate subscription option on the bottom of the reply.

    If it is a thread or forum, click the button up top and a pop up will show ...

    All you have to do is select how and at what frequency you want notification of posts. Notification of all new posts can either be stored on your "my pop" page to read when you log in or sent via email, immediately, daily or weekly, there is even a reply button in the email notifications :-)

    For More detailed information see


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    Thanks Haiko

    Andy Williams

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