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    Thumbs down Here Comes The TAX Man!
    Spider Spins Web For Taxes!

    OTTAWA -- Canada's taxman has joined a five-nation force finding ways to sniff out money on the Internet.

    The Canada Revenue Agency is test-driving a computer program along with the Netherlands, Britain, Austria and Denmark that sifts through online auction pages, gambling and porn sites, and other forms of e-commerce in search of tax revenue.

    Canada Revenue spokesman Colette Gentes-Hawn said the agency hasn't started using the tool to clamp down on online tax evaders at this point, but is looking for ways to enable the taxman to keep up with the times. "It's still in the trial stage," said Gentes-Hawn.

    "We are testing this kind of device, but we haven't come to any conclusion."

    Prior to the explosion of online commerce, tax collectors could do their job effectively with a calculator and a briefcase, said Gentes.

    The program the countries are experimenting with is called a spider.

    It downloads a web page and collects as much information as possible through the page and all of its links in order to build a tax file on the website's owner.

    Gentes-Hawn didn't know when the so-called Xenon spider program being tested may end up putting the bite on Canadian online companies.

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    I would almost expect this to be a scare tactic at this point; something to hint loudly that it is time to keep better records.

    unless someone put their actual books (or brags) on a web page it would be difficult for usable data to be extracted from a site. I think.

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    Yeah. How can they know what sales and such have happened? A person can make a site offering products and services costing hundreds, thousands, or millions. That does not mean any money has been made.

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