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    September 12th, 2005
    Can U Add SID To Datafeeds???
    Hi I was just wondering if anyone had tried or if any one has found a way to add an sid to a datafeed, is this possible? and if so what would i need to find and replace.

    Thanks in advance for any help guys

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    Just add &sid=whatever on to the end of the buyurl. I use Webmerge and this is fairly simple task.
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    Basically (Nature Boy had it right), you don't need to replace anything in your url (except your pid if needed). Her'es how my scenario works:

    1) I pull the URL from the database that the datafeed has been imported into
    2) Before writing it to the page, I simply append, like the following:


    I tend to use the product SKU as the particular info for the SID. Also worked ways to include IP addersses, and full search referral strings into that field, for later referencing. just come up with some type of info that'll be of big help in that field.

    Hope that clears some things up for you.

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    Thanks alot for the info guys, very helpful, just have 1 more question, what if the sid is to long? does this stop the link from tracking? or does it just show a certain amount of chars?

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