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    Question Affiliate summit booth design
    Just wanted to find out how or who can you get to design a booth at the affiliate summit.

    WHat are the costs involved with the booth design? If any merchants or networks, can point me in the right irection, please let me know

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    We had a graphics designer create the booth design, and they had a company that created the actual booth. So step one would be to contact AlexBet and see what he has to say
    Deborah Carney

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    Hi there,

    Friends of mine who I used to work with at way back in the days have switched gears entirely in the last few years and now own the following tradeshow displays retail site: - check them out! I have no stock in them just thought I'd spread the word.

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    There are a lot of things to consider when looking at a trade show display investment. A 10' x 10' booth can be as inexpensive as $900 (without graphics) and go way in to the $10,000 range. I don't have a particular company that I love, but I have used before, and they did a good job.

    Depending on how many times you're going to use the display, as well as taking into consideration costs for shipping and storage, another option you might want to look at is renting from the Exhibition Company that is servicing the show.

    If you are going to buy one and are looking for a very basic pop up trade show display, I recommend you taking a look at ebay. I've seen some very good deals on there from companies who used their simple display one time and then upgraded.

    Hope that helps.


    Missy Ward
    Affiliate Summit, Inc.

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    Alex bet does a great job with graphics. There are tons of exhibit companies out there as well. I always use exhibits by promotion in Pennsylvania for our booths and I always do the Burst Walls now since they are:

    Less expensive
    Cheaper to alter and modify
    fit in a duffel bag so you can carry them easy
    Also they only take 2 minutes to get up and two minutes to get back in their case. (By One Person)

    My sales rep there quit so I can't give you someone to contact there. They are a great company to work with. They did send a nice holiday card though so if you want to ask who has the Liquidation or liquidity services inc account, that person seems really on the ball. (no we will not recieve a commission or anything, I just like the company and sending them business)

    I desgined our booths and it actually isn't a hard thing to do on your own. All you need is a program like Illustrator and a stockphoto site and you are done.

    AlexBet is a great designer though if you want to outsource. I really enjoyed the buttons he made for Aff. Summit. Please feel free to PM me though if you have any other questions or want other reccomendations on booth companies etc.....

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    I also know a good designer, contact me for an intro.

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    If you want something that you can customize and use for others things, I would look at You'll find a lot of ideas just checking out the site. I have ordered from them several times for different companies... and I have always received high quality products in a timely manner.
    Laura Parvey-Connors
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    Thank All of you for your help!

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    If you're going to do a booth, here's my suggestions.

    1. Decide on your main message and sell it in big giant bold type. The point is, if you manage affiliate programs, your booth should say in big letters essentially "we manage affiliate programs". You have a few seconds to get your message across, and sometimes that's from 30 yards away. Make your point, quick.

    2. Solid colors with reversed white type stand out. Normally I prefer a lot of white space, but not in this case. Color jumps in a booth.

    3. Forget the small type, completely. If you want to detail stuff, get a few banners on stands that sit next to your booth.

    4. Don't put contact details on the main design, what if they change?

    5. If a person has to ask you "what do you do?" when they walk up to your booth, you've failed. Because most people won't bother to walk up, except for the very few that hit every booth.

    6. Lighten up. Humor works. Nobody cares that you are the "leading professional company in the field". That content is a waste of space. Why not try humor instead? If you saw a booth that had huge type that said "Affiliates, Don't Look Here, Stop Looking Here!!!", and you were an affiliate, would you have to investigate? I sure would.

    Just my suggestions.
    Jim Kukral
    You will love my book: Attention! This Book Will Make You Money

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